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Dates Name comfort level Type Status
Oct 25 - Nov 4 Cuba Culture & Nature Expedition 3 culture and nature trip coming soon
Cuba - the world's longest-standing dictatorship
The largest Caribbean island
Cuba Culture & Nature Expedition

Cuba is one of the most interesting and outstanding adventure travel destinations in the world. Its historic colonial atmosphere has often been overshadowed by its turbulent, controversial and often brutal dictatorial periods, and unwarranted propaganda - from both empires of the cold war. Still Cuba is at a crux in its history. Trapped in antiquity and sheltered from the the rest of the world, yet yearning to join the masses of globalization, the Caribbean island is even more interesting, more controversial and a greater draw now than ever. After more than 49 years, Castro has finally stepped down from power, thousands are returning home, the US is its 5th largest commercial partner, and the country is in its second decade of being open for international tourism.

culture and nature trip comfort level: 3