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Our 'Yellowstone Wildlife Safari' is completed with incredible success! Bison, elk, mule deer, coyote, moose, wolves, river otters, pronghorn antelopes, bald eagle were just a few of the fantastic species we have seen up close and what provided excellent photographic subjects in the pristine white snowy landscape. This trip is a must for all nature lovers! Don't wait, click here to sign up for this trip in 2012.

Our 'Big Five of India' safari is confirmed and less than half of the spaces remain. According to WWF, we have lost over 97% of our world's tiger population in less than 100 years, and tigers could be extinct in the wild in ten years time. Don't miss this opportunity! Not only may this be your last chance to see a tiger in the wild, but your visit in India will help to reinforce the need to create projects and set aside funds to protect wild tigers for future generations. Don't wait, click here to sign up for this trip and help save the wild Tiger from extinction.

Now is the time to book the Indiana Jones adventure of a lifetime; our Central Africa Wildlife Expedition is confirmed and fully open for booking, and only a few spaces remain. Don't miss out! See forgotten Pygmy tribes, massive Forest Elephants, secretive Lowland Gorillas and more. Click here to read the details and sign up for a trip you will talk about for the rest of your life!

Missed the live interview of Jessica on the Vic Mcarty Show? Listen to the podcast here, or watch the follow up interview and video of her talking about the excitement of visiting Kamchatka by clicking here!

We just ordered our first shipment of reusable water bottles for use on all WANT Expeditions from now on! Not impressed? Then take a guess at how many water bottles per year we'll be reducing our carbon footprint by, then tell me how many travel companies ...you know that are saying they're "green," but still continue to use plastic water bottles?!

Don't miss the live streaming of the Vic McCarty Show, this Wednesday with WANT guide, Jessica Pociask! 10-Noon, 1270 AM WMKT The Talk Station.

Our Greenland Traditional Dogsled trip is featured in the winter issue of the Canadian Association for Photographic Art. Read the article and see the incredible images of this dramatic and exciting expedition at CAPA. Also, only two spaces remain on our 2011 expedition, so sign up today by clicking Go Greenland!

WANT to visit one of the world's last untouched places? Socotra 2011 is open for booking. With 38% of its wildlife being endemic, pristine, white sand beaches, and natural swimming pools that would rival your dreams, Socotra is sure not to disappoint! Here's what WANT traveler Anne L'Hirondelle has to say about her trip "My visit to Socotra with WANT Expeditions was beautiful and interesting and I highly recommend it to everyone! Thanks you guys!" Only 10 spaces remain, so don't wait. Click SOCOTRA for more information.

After traveling to over 100 countries, here's what guest, Lourdes Maurice, said about her recent trip to Midway Atoll with WANT, "Midway is probably on of the most surreal places I have been to." Don't miss out on your chance to walk amongst a million Laysan Albatross by day, and a million Bonin Petrel by night. Email Akos(at)WANTexpeditions.com to reserve your space for spring 2012. Only a few spaces left and they're going fast!

Exciting news!!! Today we saw a Short-tailed Albatross, also known as the "Golden Gooney," nesting on Eastern Island of Midway Atoll. Don't miss out on Midway 2012. Email Akos(at)WANTexpeditions.com today to reserve your space. They won't last long!