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Hilana S. (Stellenbosch, South Africa) - Galapagos Islands Yacht Cruise 2011
" Thank you for an absolutely AMAZING trip! You certainly have the recipe to make a trip memorable in all ways! I did not say cheers to the group, but thanks to all for a delightful time. I am seriously planning for next trip."
Laurie C. (Lewittown, United States) - French Subantarctic Islands Expedition Cruise 2011
" I enjoyed the cruise very much! Visiting the French Antarctic Islands was an amazing experience. As I keep looking at the sea from Reunion, it seems unbelievable that we actually cruised for 5 days to a completely different world of penguins and other wildlife. A once in a lifetime experience!"
Dianne and Alan H. (Melbourne, Australia) - Yellowstone National Park Winter Safari 2011
" We have travelled to Yellowstone before but never during the magical time of winter. As usual Akos made everything fun and easy and we were always able to get just the right photograph. For anyone who enjoys magnificent wildlife and spectacular scenery this trip is a must!"
Uwe H. (Calw, Germany) - Yellowstone National Park Winter Safari 2011
" This was my first trip to Yellowstone and sixth one with WANT. I never though one could see so much wildlife diversity at one place in North America. WANT organized this trip perfectly, the guests made a deal with the weather God’s and the result was an awesome combination of landscapes and wildlife with fresh snow and blue skies: a photographer’s dream. One could ask but in North America travel is easy why join an organized tour? Most of Yellowstone is inaccessible in winter to the generic public. An organized tour with a dedicated snow coach gives access to most of the park and the group pace left enough time to enjoy classics such as Old Faithful or desserts like Yellowstone Caldera."
Laurie C. (Levittown, United States) - Midway Atoll - The Ultimate Albatross Paradise 2010
" I enjoyed the trip very much. I was most impressed with all the albatross nesting on the island. I really enjoyed my daily walks around the island, giving me a chance to watch the birds close up and to have them fly all around me - especially the fairy terns that would hover above me in the casurina forest. Coming back to all the hustle and bustle of Honolulu and New York, it made me really appreciate the simplicity, peace and quiet of Midway Island. The place is a real national treasure!"
Mark M. (Washington D.C., United States) - Midway Atoll - The Ultimate Albatross Paradise 2010
" You guys did a fantastic job. This was truly a unique experience. It was really great to get together again with so many of our more recent best friends for life. And, the people on the island were so very friendly and hospitable – they just really made us feel like guests."
Roger C. (PA State College, United States) - Midway Atoll - The Ultimate Albatross Paradise 2010
" Hi, Akos and Jessica! Great trip!! :) I greatly appreciate your being flexible enough to include my particular interests (bryozoans, World War II), and I am very grateful to all the other participants for helping me examine all the coral rubble for those obscure encrusting invertebrates. All the albatrosses were spectacular, too. All the best, Roger."
Livia C. (Rome, Italy) - Ethiopia Culture & Nature Safari 2010
" Ethiopia is such an incredible country, many different landscapes, the tribes of the Omo river valley, the Lalibela churches, the Gondar castles, the Simien mountains, the animals… Even though I thought I was prepared, it was quite a shock when faced with the poverty and how difficult peoples' life is in a third world country. Travelling with Akos and Jessica (and thanks also to our local guide) made this experience simply unforgettable."
Nick B. (Walnut Creek, United States) - Ethiopia Culture & Nature Safari 2010
" Our trip to Ethiopia with Akos and Jessica in November 2010 was simply wonderful! Ethiopia is such a blend of many things - rich history, culture, landscapes, animals, ancient religions, tribal peoples and modern, emerging Africa. We did so much in such a short time and took lots of wonderful photos. Truly a fabulous expedition. The combined skills and knowledge of Akos, Jessica and Itbarek (our Ethiopian guide) maximized our experiences. I highly recommend this trip!"
Anne K. (Suffern, United States) - Ethiopia Culture & Nature Safari 2010
" Thank you Akos and Jessica. You put together an excellent and very comprehensive tour of Ethiopia in a way that was quite manageable - not an easy task. Using a local expert who is so knowledgeable and forthcoming added a wonderful dimension of information and understanding so that I was not just a tourist seeing, but also getting a sense of the history, tradition and culture of Ethiopia. I enjoyed and, very much appreciated, your enthusiasm, knowledge and competence - it was a pleasure to see Ethiopia with you as our leaders."