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Jori D. (London, ) - Cuba Culture & Nature Expedition 2009
"Active yet relaxing adventure because the knowledgeable guide is always striving for the best places to go and things to do. While he works out the details you can relax and be confident that you will soon be off for the best experience possible in your given location."
Joel D. (New York, United States) - Costa Rica Wildlife Safari 2009
"Our nature trip to Costa Rica with Akos was extraordinary. The expedition blended birds, insects, animals, amphibians with beautiful rivers and forests. To be able to visit rain forest, cloud forest, dry forest and coastal forest in one country on one trip was amazing. Akos' knowledge of the different varieties of birds and his understanding of nature was deep and perceptive."
Zoe D. (New York, United States) - Costa Rica Wildlife Safari 2009
"Akos knows the wild places. Costa Rica turned out to be one of our best nature trips ever because of his enthusiasm, energy and knowledge of birds and plants."
Jeannie H. (New Canaan, United States) - Costa Rica Wildlife Safari 2009
"What a joy to travel with Akos...on recent trip to Costa Rica, small group, lovely accommodation, interesting and unique destinations and Akos is SO knowledgeable and delightfully pleasant, efficient and willing to please. Look forward to another adventure with him."
Lourdes M. (Alexandria, United States) - Central African Gorilla Safari 2008
"My husband Mark and I travelled with Jessica and Akos to Central Africa in the autumn of 2008. After visiting well over a hundred countries, they transformed us from tourists into travelers. Jessica and Akos led us through four countries - Gabon, Sao Tome, Congo (Brazzaville) and Central African Republic. Their knowledge of nature and wildlife is amazing. They were living encyclopedias on creatures ranging from lowland gorillas, to red river hogs to colorful frogs and birds. They are also masterful story tellers - we are talking Mark Twain, Alexander Dumas and Kurt Vonnegut good. And what we loved most about them was their sense of adventure and fun - it certainly served us well when things occasionally did not turn out to be as planned. Our destinations were some of the least visited regions of earth and the infrastructure was "challenging". Yet somehow Jessica and Akos delivered what they promised and more (including a "bush break" in Cameroon :-). I have never dealt with a travel company that took full responsibility from start to finish - no matter what Africa threw at us - they came up with Plan B, C or occasionally D - always at their expense. It was refreshing that their objective is ecotourism and sharing the wonders of nature with their guests - not some corporate bottom line. We were also impressed at their ability to learn from a situation and apply that knowledge to anticipate and avoid future problems. Their itinerary for 2009 keeps all the awe, fun and excitement while resolving logistical quirks. Mark and I agree that we cannot imagine visiting Central Africa (or any other off the beaten path spot) with anyone other than Jessica and Akos. Also - we highly recommend their other travel services. We wanted to book a short break to Greenland next summer. I spent a week contacting agents to no avail. It finally occurred to me to ask Jessica for help and in a couple of days she put together exactly what we wanted at a competitive price. Book your travel with these guys before they become Animal Planet celebrities!"
Ann R. (Colchester, United Kingdom) - East Africa Photo Safari 2008
"Many thanks for one wonderful experience after another - it is very hard to pick a most memorable moment as it was all so packed with animal action. You must have put in a lot of hard work organising everything for it to all run so smoothly. The two drivers, Roger and Emmanuel were both star, their knowledge of animal behaviour ensured we were in the right spot at the right time at sightings. Your approach to just sit and be patient then something will happen proved so correct time and time again, besides the animals and landscape are so incredible that it is no effort to just stand and look. I only have one slight issue; everything was so perfect that we couldn't possibly even consider going on a 'normal' safari zooming round in jeeps waiting for the call over the radio to say where something was, it would have to be another Akos trip. If any potential clients would like some first hand feedback about your trips we would be more than happy to do that."
Claire C. (Dublin, Ireland) - East Africa Photo Safari 2008
"Having met Akos on a trip to Antarctica, I had confidence booking my first trip to Africa through his company. Tanzania was an amazing first experience of Africa. I am a solo (usually independent) traveller, a hopeful photographer and a wildlife enthusiast and I cannot recommend this company highly enough for anyone who likes to travel a little off the beaten track, respects the environment and wants to experience wildlife in a natural habitat. The people on my trip were all well travelled, independently minded and enormously enjoyable companions. My experience was so positive that I will be using this company to see Western and Southern areas of Africa."
Mike R. (Colchester, United Kingdom) - East Africa Photo Safari 2008
"Our recent trip to East Africa was sensational. We hoped to see some interesting things but never dared hope that not only would we see all the 'normal' animals but so many rare sightings as well. I honestly think this was due to your understand and approach to animals Akos - while we may have all thought we had seen the leopard, cheetah, lion etc your advice to just wait, be patient and watch paid off time after time. Others moved off or only stayed for a few moments to tick the box. We stayed and saw the true animal behavior, be it catching gazelle, mating or other fascinating behavior. Sharing the days experience with other travellers in the lodges amazed them as to how much we had seen and how little they had managed. OK luck plays a big part but you and your drivers appeared to have the knack of knowing where was the right place at the right time. We both learnt so much as well as enjoying ourselves. We had long days, but successful days - I just wonder how we are going to match, or better it, on any future holiday anywhere. We can't wait to be travelling with you again next year."
Carmita P. (Boonton, United States) - East Africa Photo Safari 2008
"I first met Akos in an Antarctica trip. His knowledge and enthusiasm were amazing. When my family started talking about going to Africa on safari, my first thought was to contact Akos and get his recommendations on an itinerary. He was great - asked lots of questions to make sure he understood what our group wanted, gave us different ideas, and really led us through the whole process. He made it so easy! At one point we had some difficulties with the flights we had booked and again he was easy to work with, flexible, helpful. And then we were finally on safari. The itinerary he put together was excellent. A true adventure! We were all excited for our trip to Tanzania. And it was even more than we could have expected. Tanzania was truly a once in a lifetime experience and having Akos as our personal guide just added so much to it! Not only was he there coordinating the safari drives, lodges, etc. but showing us so much of the country that we could have missed if we were on our own. And for the "photographers" on the trip, he had lots to share and teach us. If you are considering a trip with Akos - go for it! It will be more than just another vacation, it will be a great experience!"
Dorothy S. (Florida, United States) - East Africa Photo Safari 2008
"I was leery to be a solo traveler for the first time, particularly to Africa, with the long flights and total uniqueness. I wasn't going for the comfort or the food. I was going for the experience! And did I have one! It's not even in the top 10 - it's in a class above! I had met Akos when he was the ornithologist for an Antarctic expedition. He later contacted me about this trip because he knew Africa was the only continent left to complete my goal of traveling to all 7. I am 62 and not the most able of travelers. Akos and I discussed my concerns and I accepted his invitation to join the group. He was able to get another female to share a room eliminating the single supplement charge for us both. Akos is a fantastic trip leader! He's eye candy to look at and has a charismatic personality to go with it. He is caring and attentive and went well beyond what any "tour company" would do because he insures everyone is comfortable and happy. He made special arrangement to accommodate my needs. I have rarely if ever had that done for me while on a tour. Akos took his personal time and effort many, many times to make sure everything ran smoothly, often time working late into the night while the rest of us were safely tucked into bed. There were 10 in the group and we didn't have a whiner or complainer among us. Three of us had met Akos previously and relied on his character to make this expedition wonderful. We weren't disappointed. I guess Akos attracts a certain type of adventurous, flexible fun-loving person. Our group sure was that and more. Most of us are photographers, well we like to think we are, and Akos held lessons and gave instructions anytime, anywhere. This was a tremendous help and I know I got some fantastic shots because of his input. All of us learned so much because of his knowledge, particularly of birds and habitat. The knowledgeable two drivers Akos hired were exceptional. We were greatly appreciative of all their abilities to carefully navigate the unpaved, washboard, massage giving roads and their incredible x-ray vision for spotting animals. If you make only ONE major trip in your lifetime consider Africa with Akos! It will be above your top 10. It was for me."