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The Dream Sport of Africa

WANT Expeditions - Wildlife And Nature Travel is the world leader in highly personalized, conservation-oriented travel, connecting travelers, adventures, photographers, and conservationists from all over the world through expeditions to see the most amazing natural phenomena that exist on our planet. In order to create the most authentic travel experiences, we work hand and hand to empower the communities we visit to ensure that they benefit as much, if not more, from our visits as we do. For this very reason, we have decided to partner with the Utopia Foundation, so that we can bring 200 soccer uniforms to countries like Uganda, Ghana and Sao Tome, in addition to over 100 soccer balls that have already been collected. If you watched any part of the 2010 World Cup, it was easy to see how cherished this past time is throughout the African continent, and how a simple game of soccer, or football, as it is known outside of the US, brings hope and life to those most in need.

Over the past year, as we visited with communities all over the world, we closely listened to the needs of the people, and what THEY wanted most to improve their quality of life. From children's mouths, hands, eyes, and feet, the result was an audible cry for something that would give them a time and space to truly be children and forget the harsh realities and troubles of their world, like whether they'll eat more than once, if at all that day.

From country to country, "Football" they cried over and over again, until it became impossible to consider any other requests, and we owe thanks to one of our guests, who was so moved by this need, that after visiting Uganda with us, she herself jump started this project by going home and collecting over 100 soccer balls that our guides at WANT Expeditions pledged to hand deliver to villages throughout Africa. As the soccer ball drive continued though, we realized that this wasn't enough when a young boy from an exile camp in Ghana, ran barefooted up to Jessica, a guide and owner of WANT, gentle grabbed her sleeve, then shyly whispered in broken English "next time, bring football uniforms please."

The boldness and quiet desperation in his eyes and voice was too much to ignore, and Jessica returned home with the resolve to raise funds in excess of $20,000 to deliver over 200 uniforms, in addition to the soccer balls, to villages just like this all over Africa. It was not long after this happening, that Jessica had a chance encounter with Paul Sutherland, founder of Utopia Foundation, and it quickly became apparent that the objectives and goals of Utopia and WANT made for a perfect partnering opportunity. Please help to make this dream of bringing 200 African children soccer uniforms a reality by making a tax deductible donation to the Utopia Foundation today, and WANT Expeditions will match 5% of all gifts to the soccer fund up to the $20,000 mark.