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Dates Name comfort level Type Status
Jan 26 - Feb 8 The Real Jungle Book of India with MSUAA 4 classic nature safari open for booking
Rudyard Kipling's 'Jungle Book' comes to life
See Shere Khan, Baloo and Baheera in the wild!
The Real Jungle Book of India with MSUAA

Join us on this incredible wildlife safari to see Bagheera, Baloo, Akela, and of course, the majestic and much misunderstood, Shere Khan. We will travel through India's best wildlife parks in search of the very real and incredible animals that inspired Kipling to write his timeless collection of stories about his encounters and observations of leopards, tigers, and bears in the jungle.

classic nature safari comfort level: 4
Feb 8 - Feb 16 Red Pandas of India 1 unique expedition open for booking
For The First Time Ever! See Red Pandas in the Wild
Red Pandas of India

unique expedition comfort level: 1
Aug 22 - Sep 1 Kamchatka Peninsula Wildlife Expedition 2 unique expedition open for booking
Kamchatka Peninsula - the unknown Far East
Russia's Wildlife Paradise
Kamchatka Peninsula Wildlife Expedition

Kamchatka Peninsula, in the Russian Far East, is one of WANT Expeditions' best-kept secrets. No where else in the world can you walk amongst brown bears as they fish for salmon, or experience flying via helicopter into active volcanic craters, soaking in bubbling hot springs, exploring lava tubs, paying a visit to a giant reindeer herd of the traditional Koryak peoples, and playing witness to some of the most spectacular active volcanic scenery on earth! Don't be the last to know about Kamchatka and wishing you'd gone there sooner!

unique expedition comfort level: 2
Sep 23 - Oct 6 Borneo and Brunei Wildlife Expedition 3 classic nature safari open for booking
Borneo and Brunei - the world's oldest rainforests
Land of the orangutan
Borneo and Brunei Wildlife Expedition

There is no true nature and adventure traveler, whose heart would not beat faster when hearing the word "Borneo". This Southeast Asian wonderland has always been associated with rugged mountains, rainforests, rivers, caves and headhunters. It is an irresistible paradise, extensively covered with the oldest rainforests on Earth.

classic nature safari comfort level: 3
Oct 6 - Oct 11 Komodo Dragon Extension 4 unique expedition open for booking
Komodo Islands - the hidden gem of Indonesia
Visit the lair of the Dragon and explore incredible oceans
Komodo Dragon Extension

See living, breathing dragons on Komodo Island! Reaching in lengths of up to 3 meters long, and weighing over 70 kg (155 lbs), these legendary lizards that ooze toxic saliva live up to their fierce and frightening reputation in the heart of a pristine and breathtaking habitat. Don't miss the chance to see this endangered beast, before it becomes a thing of the past, and enjoy beautiful island scenery, brilliant snorkeling and unique cultural visits along the way!

unique expedition comfort level: 4