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Dates Name comfort level Type Status
May 9 - May 17 Galapagos Islands Yacht Cruise 3 classic nature safari open for booking
Walk in Darwin's footsteps
The most iconic wildlife destination on Earth!
Galapagos Islands Yacht Cruise

Imagine swimming alongside a penguin or seal. Or gazing deep into the wise eyes of a 120 year old giant Tortoise. Or laughing at the awkwardness of a Blue Footed Booby and only partially solving the mystery of its name... Without a doubt, the Galapagos Islands are the most well known and sought after eco-tourism destination in the world. Do you dream of visiting the Galapagos? There has never been a better time to go and a better company to travel with! Join WANT Expeditions on the best and only way to visit the Galapagos, by a private vessel for only 15 guests!

classic nature safari comfort level: 3
Oct 13 - Oct 25 Pantanal Jaguar Safari 4 classic nature safari open for booking
Pantanal - the best wildlife destination in the Americas
in search of the world's most elusive big cat
Pantanal Jaguar Safari

The Pantanal of Brazil is one of the richest, and perhaps least known, natural habitats on earth! Home to an incredible array of exotic species including the endangered Hyacinth Macaw, Crowned Solitary Eagle, Yacare Caiman, Bush Dog, Capybara -the world's largest rodent, Maned Wolf, Giant River Otter, South American Tapir, and the captivating and controversial Jaguar! We'll also encounter 300 species of spectacularly colored birds, lizards, marsh deer, giant anteaters, peccaries, and more! Don't wait; every one of our Pantanal departure dates sells out every year!

classic nature safari comfort level: 4