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WANT to know what you can do to stay safe and aware while traveling? After successfully evacuating groups during two different coup d'etats, and guiding expeditions all over the world in remote and extreme locations, Jessica Pociask know a thing or two about safety and preparedness. Check out page 38 in this month's issue of Groups Today for her tips on what you can do to expect the best, while preparing for the worst.

We are looking for a female roommate on each of our upcoming trips to Uganda , India , and Iceland !

WANT to spend one-on-one time with the incredible rangers that risk their lives protecting wildlife, like the famous Black Mambas -an all-female anti-poaching patrol, or participate in an elephant field research project?! Click here to learn how!

Uganda’s Gorilla Trekking prices are planned to increase June 2018. Although, during November there is a special rate of $450. Check out the multiple trips we have planned coming up, don’t wait!

Jessica Pociask, owner of WANT Expeditions, did an interview with Cheddar about being profiled as travel expert and small business entrepreneur!

WANT Expeditions Founder Jessica Pociask featured on The Jet Set TV as a travel expert. Click on the link to watch the episode.

The UNWTO declared that 2017 is the International Year of Sustainable Tourism Development, WANT could not be more thrilled, sustainability is the core of WANT Expeditions

WANT guide, Sharon Schafer, has been chosen as one of 16 artists showcased in the US Senate Rotunda to represent Nevada's wild lands. Her incredible work has been regularly featured by numerous Federal and State entities, including US Fish and Wildlife, and National Park Service. Check out her upcoming trips, including Namibia and Grand Canyon under our 2017 destinations.

Will you be in DC this Thursday? Join Travel Massive D.C. at General Assembly for an evening of travel talk and startup stories. We'll be showcasing D.C.'s entrepreneurs and startups that are working to make a difference in the way we travel. Speakers include leaders and founders like WANT Expeditions own Jessica Pociask. There will be drinks, a panel discussion and Q&A, plus time to catch up with other travel and tech insiders. Want your question to be answered by the panel? Tweet your questions using #TravelMassiveDC! RSVP here

WANT an armchair adventure this mundane Monday morning, or just need some general inspiration? Listen to www.adventuresportspodcast.com. In this episode Curt Linville interviews Jessica Pociask on running a company like WANT Expeditions, as well as how to create your own adventure-based lifestyle.