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Join us March 4th & 9th at the Traverse Area District Library for a presentation on the Snow Leopards of Kyrgyzstan and the Penguins of Antarctica. For more information and directions visit www.tadl.org.

See a video of tour leader Akos Hivekovics and WANT guests with

Congratulations to Leah Inks, the Grand Prize winner of our "Botswana Safari" contest. Thanks to all who participated. If you missed the contest, you can still sign up for membership and take advantage of all the incentives, like travel discounts, for members only.

We had a fantastic Komodo Dragon encounter on Rinca Island! During our Komodo Dragon trip in October, we took off on a leisurely afternoon walk in the national park, when suddenly sighted an unusually active mid-sized dragon. As it turned out, he was heading up on a steep slope, onto the open grassland, to hunt for deer. As he located his prey, he employed a speed we could barely keep up with. Fortunately the deer flee soon, and as the dragon headed towards a buffalo, he considerably slowed down, providing us with great photographic opportunities. It was a breathtaking wildlife experience, hunting with a Komodo Dragon.

We have launched our Wildlife and Nature Travel Club Membership Program! Sign up before the end of the year and win a free Botswana Safari in 2010. Forall additional details, click on “membership”.

A completely unexpected sighting of bornean elephants on our Borneo Expedition this year! On a cloudy afternoon, we drove out on Kinabatangan River to see the amazing proboscis monkeys and some of the rare hornbill species, when all of a sudden, out of nowhere, three bornean elephants appeared in front of our boat, swimming across the river. We quietly cruised parallel with them at a distance comfortable for the animals, and watched them as they struggled through the deep mud on the riverbank, before they disappeared in the rainforest. It was a magic moment, but our luck for the afternoon was far form being over – within two minutes, we sighted a wild orangutan, followed by a wreathed hornbill and a giant troop of proboscis monkeys.

A record number of bears sighted on our Kamchatka expedition this year! At Lake Kurilskoye, our group counted over 25 brown bears the first evening and over 65 individual animals during our three days stay. We have been face-to-face with over a dozen animals, watching them catch salmon, play with their mothers or occasionally fearlessly protect the best fishing spots. If you would like to experience this outstanding natural phenomenon, together with breathtaking helicopter flights around active volcanoes, camping with reindeer herders and exploring lava tunnels and petrified forests – please read the itinerary on our 2010 Kamchatka Peninsula Wildlife Expedition.