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WANT Expeditions is featured on the cover of the Detroit Free Press. Read the online article here: Traverse City woman gives adventure a new meaning

Need of some serious sunshine? Take advantage of unheard of savings on our special 2-for-1 Galapagos Cruise!

We could not have asked for more perfect weather on this year's Grey Whale migration expedition in Baja California! Click here to book for next year before it sells out!

Don't miss the Live Stream of our Borneo presentation for the MSU Alumni Association starting at 5:30 pm EST!

Hope everyone stays safe and sound during Nemo! We can't complain though! This weather is great news for our upcoming Harp Seals trip! Spaces are still available. Sign up today!

Amazing news! 15,000 gorillas are safer today. The Congolese Government just made Ntokou-Pikounda National Park official. This park will protect an astounding 10% of the world's remaining wild gorilla population. (And 800 elephants and 960 chimpanzees, to boot!) In 2008, Wildlife Conservation Society researchers discovered 125,000 western lowland gorillas living in Ntokou-Pikounda and the surrounding region, and the staff has been working non stop to get this park established since then. We know that in order to protect gorillas in the park, WCS needs to staff up rapidly – which means recruiting, training, equipping, and supporting ecoguard patrols. The faster people are on the ground to manage the park, collect data on the gorillas, and find poachers before they strike, the better chance we have at protecting every last gorilla. If you would like to be part of this amazing and developing story to safeguard the home of one of the largest gorilla populations in the world. Click here to donate to WCS.

Check out the 2012 winners in the 9th AC-Foto German Mega Circuit. Congratulations to WANT guests and featured photographers, Gunther Riehle and Elston Hill! Entry dates for the 2013 competition is October 4th, so start getting your photos ready now!

Notes from the field: Equatorial Guinea. Today was an emotionally overwhelming, yet rewarding day. I have wanted to see a pangolin as long as I can remember, and I know field guides in Africa who have spent their entire lives in the bush and only managed to see one or two. Traveling this morning through Equatorial Guinea, I saw 8 Pangolins hanging from their tails on roadside stands, 7 of which were dead. Due to the dire economic situation in EG, bushmeat is a means of survival, but an end to biodiversity. My solution, to buy the one I found alive, and release him into the protected realm of Parc de Monte Allen and hope for his survival. -Jessica Pociask

What an absolutely incredible day observing Bonobos in this little known sanctuary just outside of Kinshasa. Don't miss this exciting trip for 2013!

Exciting news! As of today, the Supreme Court of India has lifted the ban imposed on Tiger Tourism. We have just opened our India Tiger Safari for booking. This trip is guaranteed to sell out, so don't wait. No one knows how long this window will remain open, and with a dwindling Tiger population of less than 3,000 individuals in the wild, this may be your last chance. Sign up today!