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How many beautiful images can one capture in a day in Mali... too many to count! Don't miss this trip for 2013!!!

Sanya R. just celebrated her 10th voyage with us! She made history by being the first WANT guest to complete 10 voyages, so it was not a question that our managing director had to greet her personally on her recent Pantanal Jaguar Safari and had to celebrate with her. Once again, we would like to thank Sanya for her incredible loyalty and wish her the very best health for the coming decades and many more successful expeditions to come.

Over a dozen jaguars sighted in the Pantanal! Once again, the Pantanal area of Brazil proved to be the very best wildlife safari destination in all of the Americas! Between our two groups traveling just 3 days apart, we have sighted the incredibly elusive Jaguar over a dozen times and got good photographs for everybody! But it is not all about the Jaguars, we have been entertained by a huge variety of unique mammals, birds and reptiles during the last 2 weeks. See the quick image collection below and be the first to reserve your space on the 2012 departure, which has just been opened for booking. Spaces go fast on this amazing trip, for the right reason, so be the first, make sure you do not miss this incredible wildlife safari in 2012.

In Madagascar, we had a breath-taking encounter with several Indri (the largest of the lemur species) calling to each other in the tree canopy over our heads until the sound reverberated through our bodies! We also came across several other lemur species, including elusive and notoriously shy species such as Bamboo Lemurs and Mouse Lemurs. The highlight by far though, was the troop of Verreaux Sifaka, or dancing Sifaka, gracefully leaping and pirouetting through the air, with infant Sifakas clinging to their mother's bellies. At the 'Island of Lemurs,' Black-and-White Ruffed, Golden Sifaka, and Red-Fronted Brown Lemurs played on our head and shoulders, which was a magical and intimate interaction that we all won't soon forget! Sign up for next year's amazing Madagascar adventure!

Our Alaska Wildlife Expedition has been completed with great success. We had a slightly rainy summer this year, but it did not stop us from taking thousands of images of Brown Bears fishing for salmon at Brooks Lodge, of glaciers calving off massive icebergs, of a Red Fox catching and burying a Ground Squirrel, and of a mother and a calf Humback Whale playfully jumping and breaching over a dozen times right in front of our vessel! And that is just the 'tip of the iceberg' of some of the exciting things we saw and experienced!

Missed the show yesterday? Hear WANT guests talk about why they love to travel with us on a recording of the 'Best People We Know Radio Show' with host Deb Scott and special guest, Jessica Pociask, owner of WANT Expeditions. Leave a comment about your experiences, or ask a question. You can also download the podcast .

Don't miss the call in tomorrow July 20th, 11:00 EST to the Best People We Know Radio Show out of Boston: (347) 637-1318. Deb Scott will be interviewing WANT director, Jessica Pociask!

South Sudan is officially the youngest country in the world and is now the 193rd member of the UN! Don't miss this chance to visit South Sudan with WANT Expeditions, the only travel company in the world offering you the chance to see the greatest mammal migration of the planet!

Are you thinking of traveling to the Galapagos? Or are you an alumnae of Michigan State University. Then check out this video with expedition guide, Jessica Pociask, and learn why you should make sure the Galapagos is on your Bucket List!