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A successful first-ever organized visit to the French Subantarctic Islands has been completed. WANT Expeditions is the first company ever to have arranged a contract with the French government, allowing travelers to join the voyage on board the Marion Dufresne. Our one month voyage had been included fantastic wildlife sightings and visits to remote bases on Possession (Crozet), Kerguelen and Amsterdam Islands. Email akos (at) wantexpeditions.com to reserve your space for our next departure!

Ghana report from the field. Here is what WANT guest, Lourdes M. had to say: "First full day in Africa. As always Jessica Pociask and WANT Expeditions deliver tons more than you expect. From helping the fishermen pull in the catch to joining amazing African dance troupe at the end ... Not to mention Mark having a beer with crocodile .... Even castle with it's dark history of slavery was an experience.... Reminded me of how I felt at Auschwitz." And its only day two! Voodoo Nations 2012 will be open soon, so get ready folks, this place is incredible!

Midway 2012 prices just released. Click here to read the full details of the trip and don't miss this expedition like no where else on earth!

COLOR of the DAY: GREEN! The next 100 people to show us how much they WANT to travel by signing up for membership with WANT Expeditions win GREEN prizes that can't be turned down, like one of their awesome reusable GREEN stainless steel water bottles, or their GREEN (ok, really beige) safari shirts -field tested and perfect for your next trip! Or, maybe you'll get really lucky and win some serious GREEN, like loyalty rewards for your next adventure with WANT!

NEWS FROM MIDWAY! Following the tsunami in Japan, we received the following report that the Short-tailed albatross nest on Midway Atoll was washed over a second time, but the chick was found unharmed about 35 m away and carried back to its nest cup.

We had some indescribable interactions with Gray Whales just a week ago! There are no words that could explain what it feels like when a 35 ton giant decides to hover under your small boat, and then slowly maneuvers into position, so that it can emerge and lift its head out of the water, so gently that it does not touch the boat but it is close enough for you to reach out and rub his nose! No words can describe the feeling when the same 35 tons slowly submerge and blow a gigantic air bubble, just to entertain you and say 'hello', as well as make a perfectly co-ordinated flip with the tail, so that water splashes all over into the boat but again, he does not touch the boat or threaten anyone. This interaction between two species, at their own will, can only be experienced in the field, words can not describe, images can not show. Join us on our next Baja California Wildlife Safari in January, 2012!

Our 'Yellowstone Wildlife Safari' is completed with incredible success! Bison, elk, mule deer, coyote, moose, wolves, river otters, pronghorn antelopes, bald eagle were just a few of the fantastic species we have seen up close and what provided excellent photographic subjects in the pristine white snowy landscape. This trip is a must for all nature lovers! Don't wait, click here to sign up for this trip in 2012.

Our 'Big Five of India' safari is confirmed and less than half of the spaces remain. According to WWF, we have lost over 97% of our world's tiger population in less than 100 years, and tigers could be extinct in the wild in ten years time. Don't miss this opportunity! Not only may this be your last chance to see a tiger in the wild, but your visit in India will help to reinforce the need to create projects and set aside funds to protect wild tigers for future generations. Don't wait, click here to sign up for this trip and help save the wild Tiger from extinction.

Now is the time to book the Indiana Jones adventure of a lifetime; our Central Africa Wildlife Expedition is confirmed and fully open for booking, and only a few spaces remain. Don't miss out! See forgotten Pygmy tribes, massive Forest Elephants, secretive Lowland Gorillas and more. Click here to read the details and sign up for a trip you will talk about for the rest of your life!

Missed the live interview of Jessica on the Vic Mcarty Show? Listen to the podcast here, or watch the follow up interview and video of her talking about the excitement of visiting Kamchatka by clicking here!