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WANT to visit one of the world's last untouched places? Socotra 2011 is open for booking. With 38% of its wildlife being endemic, pristine, white sand beaches, and natural swimming pools that would rival your dreams, Socotra is sure not to disappoint! Here's what WANT traveler Anne L'Hirondelle has to say about her trip "My visit to Socotra with WANT Expeditions was beautiful and interesting and I highly recommend it to everyone! Thanks you guys!" Only 10 spaces remain, so don't wait. Click SOCOTRA for more information.

After traveling to over 100 countries, here's what guest, Lourdes Maurice, said about her recent trip to Midway Atoll with WANT, "Midway is probably on of the most surreal places I have been to." Don't miss out on your chance to walk amongst a million Laysan Albatross by day, and a million Bonin Petrel by night. Email Akos(at)WANTexpeditions.com to reserve your space for spring 2012. Only a few spaces left and they're going fast!

Exciting news!!! Today we saw a Short-tailed Albatross, also known as the "Golden Gooney," nesting on Eastern Island of Midway Atoll. Don't miss out on Midway 2012. Email Akos(at)WANTexpeditions.com today to reserve your space. They won't last long!

Last year 428,090 pairs of Laysan Albatross were counted by volunteers on Midway. Now, the albatross are starting to nest and the counting is about to begin, and WANT guests are lending a hand. Keep your fingers crossed for high numbers, because there's just something about it, and 1 million albatross can't be wrong. Don't leave Midway Atoll -The Ultimate Albatross Paradise off your bucket list. Email Akos(at)WANTexpeditions.com today to reserve your space for 2012!

It was a surprise even to us, but fortunately WANT Expeditions was there to capture Mauna Kea in all of its frozen, snow covered glory. Look for more exciting trips like this by clicking here.

The Mursi people are as dynamic as they are beautiful. Look for a follow up to WANT's 2010 trip in the upcoming Photographic Society of America Journal. Don't forget Ethiopia 2011 is open for booking. Don't wait, spaces never last long!

*Yemen trip update: All guests have arrived safe and sound are exploring around Sanaa, the capital of Yemen. Tomorrow, Socotra!

How much do YOU love to travel?! The latest article 'Grin and Bear it' by WANT guide, Jessica Pociask, is out in the St Johns Locale. Click here to read it now!

Sharon Osberg, three time WANT guest and talented photographer, is in the running to have one of her photos on the cover of the annual Elkhorn Slough Reserve calender. Got a second? Help her out by clicking here to vote via Facebook. Her photo is the decorated Harbor Seal. Good luck Sharon!

Also, don't forget, if you have a photo or article that mentions WANT Expeditions published in a news media format, we'll send you one of our awesome WANT logo safari shirts (retail value $48.00).

Looking to add some professional photos to your portfolio, check out the perfect opportunities in the upcoming Iceland Wildlife Expedition. You'll have the chance to photograph puffins, seals, whales, Arctic Fox and more!

Don't miss tour leader, Jessica Pociask, 7pm tonight at Nolan's tobacco to discuss the 2011 Nicaragua cigar tour. 336 E Front St, Traverse City, MI