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WANT Expeditions MD, Akos Hivekovics, just returned from an exciting elephant encounter in Sri Lanka, while doing research for 2012 destinations. "He was obviously agitated, and fortunately not heading in my direction. What an exciting enounter! Can't wait to go back!" -Akos Hivekovics

Fortune seems to follow WANT Expeditions. We had amazing up close sightings of Przewalski horse herds (with foals!) less than five minutes from our camp. Keep an eye on departure dates to Mongolia in 2011 and 2012.

Check out the latest article on Jordanian hospitality in the St. Johns Locale by WANT tour leader Jessica Pociask. Learn more about this exciting destination and how you can travel there with WANT expeditions by clicking here!

Pantanal Jaguar Safari Oct. 2-13, 2011 is sold out! Second departure date Oct. 4-15 to open soon!!! Click here for more information on this incredible trip.

Get a free WANT Safari shirt! Submit an article or photo to a newspaper or magazine and mention that you traveled with WANT Expeditions, and if its published, we'll send you a 100% cotton WANT safari shirt, perfect for your next trip with WANT!

Saw the Chinese Giant Flying Squirrel (Petaurista xanthotis) on our Panda Extension! Don't miss our upcoming January trip to see Panda, Takin, and Golden Monkey. Click here to sign up today!

All guests have arrived and the excitement is high! Tomorrow its just us and the Pandas at the Foping Nature Reserve. Learn more about this trip by clicking here.

Now you can have your very own WANT Safari Shirt! Pre-order your WANT Safari shirt (100% cotton) before September 1st for only USD $40. This shirt is rugged enough for any safari, but sharp enough to wear when your not traveling. Order in time, and have your shirt hand delivered on your next trip with WANT Expeditions! Shirts will be shipped after September 9th, 2010.
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WANT Expeditions is now offering tours for the MSU Alumni Association. In 2011, Jessica Pociask, MSU alumni and tour guide, will be guiding our East Africa Wildlife Safari and Uganda Mountain Gorilla Extension. Clink on the links above to sign up on our website, or visit the MSU Alumni Association's webpage.

Still, the most exciting moment of the safari was our encounter with hundreds of thousands of migrating wildebeest and zebra - before we could even see them, the rumbling of their groaning could be heard traveling across the plains. We could feel the trembling of the ground quaking from their massive movements, and their smells rising up from the earth greeted us as we approached ever closer! Little dots in the distance we first assumed to be bushes soon transformed to be more animals than we could imagine, until finally even the most avid photographer put his lens cap on and just sat back to take in this incredible spectacle!
-Ferenc Kis, Tour Guide. 'Notes From the Field' East Africa 2010
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