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Species Champion - BirdLife International Preventing Extinctions Programme

BirdLife International, one of the world’s largest conservation networks, is also the foremost authority on the global status of bird species and acts as the bird authority for the IUCN Red List.

Worldwide as many as 192 bird species are listed by them as Critically Endangered, and without immediate action, many of these species, with rapidly dwindling populations, will be wiped out within just a few years. Extinction is forever, so in order to secure their future, BirdLife has launched the largest international bird conservation program in the world: ‘The BirdLife Preventing Extinctions Programme.’

BirdLife is a non-profit organization, and their program’s success is dependant on funding provided by appropriate international partners, such as Wildlife and Nature Travel. These partners, known as BirdLife Species Champions, recognize the importance of this program and pledge monetary support over a period of several years.

WANT is committed to the pursuit of sustainability and have been active conservationists for many years. To help raise awareness of the devastating impact southern ocean long-line fishing has on Albatross and other threatened seabirds we produced the book ‘Antarctica: Through a Photographer’s Eyes’ by Akos Hivekovics raising several thousand dollars for BirdLife’s Global Seabird Programme. When BirdLife launched their ‘Preventing Extinctions Programme,’ we knew our cooperation was essential again.

Being a Species Champion is not simply a title, but a dedicated, long-term commitment to protecting biodiversity and halting the extinction of globally threatened species. As a WANT passenger you will be joining us in active conservation. By choosing our company, you are directly participating in a momentous global effort to save threatened species from immediate extinction. In conjunction with our participation in this program, we at WANT will continue our endeavor of practicing responsible tourism as well as operating independent conservation projects, such as the one we are running for the Endangered Great Green Macaw in Costa Rica.

In the coming months and years, WANT will be working shoulder to shoulder with BirdLife International to support urgent actions, such as wildlife research and large scale global fundraising and helping to establish protection for species on the edge of extinction.

On behalf of Wildlife and Nature Travel and BirdLife International, we would like to say thank you. With your continued support, we will be at your service protecting the very places we venture to, and our incredible, unforgettable travels together will continue for many years to come.