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July 20, 2017
WANT to spend one-on-one time with the incredible rangers that risk their lives protecting wildlife, like the famous Black Mambas -an all-female anti-poaching patrol,... >>>
June 27, 2017
Uganda’s Gorilla Trekking prices are planned to increase June 2018. Although, during November there is a special rate of $450. Check out the multiple trips... >>>
May 04, 2017
Jessica Pociask, owner of WANT Expeditions, did an interview with Cheddar about being profiled as travel expert and small business entrepreneur!
April 02, 2017
WANT Expeditions Founder Jessica Pociask featured on The Jet Set TV as a travel expert. Click on the link to watch the episode.
Photo gallery
Lions in the Okavango Delta, BotswanaCopyright © WantExpeditions
Local children posing for picture, BrazilCopyright © WantExpeditions
Chinstrap Penguin chicks, AntarcticaCopyright © WantExpeditions
Rinca Island, IndonesiaCopyright © WantExpeditions
Small building at Port Lockroy station, AntarcticaCopyright © WantExpeditions
Native woman, PeruCopyright © WantExpeditions
Black-collared Barbet, BotswanaCopyright © WantExpeditions
Yawning Elephant Seal, South GeorgiaCopyright © WantExpeditions
Subantarctic Fur Seal, South GeorgiaCopyright © WantExpeditions
Adelie Penguins on sea ice, AntarcticaCopyright © WantExpeditions
Plains Zebras in the Serengeti, TanzaniaCopyright © WantExpeditions

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