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Livia C. (Rome, Italy) - Ethiopia Culture & Nature Safari 2010
" Ethiopia is such an incredible country, many different landscapes, the tribes of the Omo river valley, the Lalibela churches, the Gondar castles, the Simien mountains, the animals… Even though I thought I was prepared, it was quite a shock when faced with the poverty and how difficult peoples' life is in a third world country. Travelling with Akos and Jessica (and thanks also to our local guide) made this experience simply unforgettable."
Nick B. (Walnut Creek, United States) - Ethiopia Culture & Nature Safari 2010
" Our trip to Ethiopia with Akos and Jessica in November 2010 was simply wonderful! Ethiopia is such a blend of many things - rich history, culture, landscapes, animals, ancient religions, tribal peoples and modern, emerging Africa. We did so much in such a short time and took lots of wonderful photos. Truly a fabulous expedition. The combined skills and knowledge of Akos, Jessica and Itbarek (our Ethiopian guide) maximized our experiences. I highly recommend this trip!"
Anne K. (Suffern, United States) - Ethiopia Culture & Nature Safari 2010
" Thank you Akos and Jessica. You put together an excellent and very comprehensive tour of Ethiopia in a way that was quite manageable - not an easy task. Using a local expert who is so knowledgeable and forthcoming added a wonderful dimension of information and understanding so that I was not just a tourist seeing, but also getting a sense of the history, tradition and culture of Ethiopia. I enjoyed and, very much appreciated, your enthusiasm, knowledge and competence - it was a pleasure to see Ethiopia with you as our leaders."
Grace W. (Toronto, Canada) - Ethiopia Culture & Nature Safari 2010
" Grace's comments on her Flick page: 'Just returned from an amazing trip to Ethiopia - culture, nature, history ... unsurpassed. Went with the best travel company ever: WANT Expeditions - WILDLIFE AND NATURE TRAVEL. Google them and thank me later. (Conde Naste - too late - I found Akos first!!!)'"
Livia C. (Rome, Italy) - Socotra Island of Yemen Extension 2010
" Socotra has been on my wish list for a long time, so when I learnt that WANT was planning a trip there, I decided it was time to go. I had an amazing holiday, starting from Sana’a, Yemen's capital, a city with an unique architecture and then in Socotra with its unique nature and landscapes. How can you forget, just to name a few, the Dragon Blood trees, the sea, the sand dunes or the natural pools where we swam in the mountains? I was so lucky to travel with both Akos and Jessica, which made this trip perfect and beyond all expectations."
Paula and Alton F. (McRae, United States) - Jordan Culture & Nature Safari 2010
" Our recent trip to Jordan with WANT Expeditions was filled with history, beauty and adventure. History was ever present. From the Roman ruins at Jerash, to the Promised Land at Mt. Nebo, to the Nabatean tombs at Petra, we witnessed the passage of time from Pre-Greek times through Greek, Roman, Christian and Muslim civilizations. The beauty of the land pervaded throughout our trip. The golden hues of the desert stood in stark contrast to the turquoise water of the Dead Sea, while the sunset at Wadi Rum produced a fiery glow in the surrounding sandstone.
Each day brought a new adventure, from doing the classic “Dead Sea float,” to hiking from Wadi Finan to Dana, and finally, to camping in Bedouin tents made of goat-hair at Wadi Rum. As seasoned world travelers, we both felt that our trip to Jordan with WANT Expeditions was everything we thought it would be, and more. Our tour leader, Jessica, was with us everyday. She was caring, energetic, and patient. She is very upbeat and inspiring, as well as knowledgeable and resourceful. In our view, Jessica ranks among the top tour leaders we have traveled with.
We WILL be traveling with WANT Expeditions again, soon, we hope.
Rosie M. (Neutral Bay, Australia) - Kamchatka Peninsula Wildlife Expedition 2010
" I had a fabulous trip with Jessica in Kamchatka. She is one of the best guides I have ever experienced."
Elizabeth H.F. (St Leonards, Australia) - Kamchatka Peninsula Wildlife Expedition 2010
" Jessica, thank you for making our trip to Kamchatka (and my birthday) so special. I am sure that milestone will be etched in my memory for ever."
Philip H. (Gresham, ) - Cuba Culture & Nature Expedition 2010
" Dear Akos, it was a pleasure to travel with you on the Cuba trip and both myself and Carolyn thoroughly enjoyed the camaraderie of our fellow tour participants as well as the insight into the country that both yourself and Yuri were able to give, which made for a fascinating and informative trip. It is a unique country set in a time warp with a rich colonial past, which somehow manages to keep alive the communist vision of Castro. In addition, for me, the endemic birds were of great interest and we were fortunate to be able to see a good selection of these. I hope that it will not be too long before we are able to join another of your trips."
Joe B. (Alexandria, United States) - East Africa Photo Safari 2010
" I am writing to convey to you our thanks and appreciation for a wonderful experience on this safari. The group dynamics were great and we all very much enjoyed each others' company. Ferenc was an absolutely terrific tour leader. His warm and jovial personality kept us in good humor throughout the safari. He did a marvelous job in coordinating our schedule and accommodations and making sure all of our needs were satisfied. Truly an outstanding job."