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Svalbard - the greatest concentration of wildlife in the Arctic!
The very best of the Arctic wildlife
Svalbard Expedition Cruise
polar bears, amazing fjords and glaciers, seals, puffins, ice and much more
May 30 - Jun 07
Svalbard is a vast, glaciated archipelago dominated by wild, pointed mountain ranges - a magic world of midnight sun and pack ice, of glittering glaciers and abundant wildlife. This is truly the High Arctic (half way between Norway and the North Pole), home to the world’s healthiest and most protected populations of polar bears, walruses and many other unique species. Our early summer voyage provides us with an unparalleled opportunity to explore this amazing polar wonderland in its full glory, and our choice of expedition vessel allows us for maximum experiences on shore and minimum time spent for waiting in logistics lines.
If you ever dreamed of visiting the Arctic in a group of only 12 like-minded travelers under very comfortable on-board conditions, professional expedition staff, and enjoying limitless shore and Zodiac time for wildlife observation, you do not need to look any further: such a voyage is now possible, as part of WANT Expeditions’ efforts to provide unique and outstanding wildlife adventure experiences worldwide.
Join us on this fantastic departure and experience the ‘world of ice and polar bears’ on board our private vessel! And while our itinerary is absolutely weather dependent, the fact that you’re traveling on a ship that holds only 12, rather than 40-60, you can be assured that you will spend more time on shore and will have come home with more Arctic experiences than you would have ever hoped for, making your travel investment go even further! If you love the Polar Regions as much as us, you must not miss this unique voyage. Join us today!
Detailed itinerary:
May 30 arrival in Oslo
  Our day is dedicated to our international arrivals into Oslo airport. Regardless of our arrival time, we will be picked up and transferred to our comfortable accommodation near the airport. Though, keep in mind, our official program begins with the Welcome Orientation held by your WANT Tour Leader at 7 pm, followed by a lovely Welcome Dinner, so in order not to miss this, we recommend scheduling your arrival no later than 5:00pm.
  Accommodation: comfortable hotel near the airport
May 31 Oslo/Svalbard
  After our breakfast at the hotel, we check out and drive back to the airport for our flight to Svalbard. With exchanging planes in Tromso, we land in Longyearbyen at 2 pm and immediately transfer to our expedition vessel. Within a couple of hours, we will all be settled in and sailing off along the west coast of Svalbard, in search of wildlife and exciting landing sites. From this moment on, we are in an absolute wilderness, where our daily activities will largely be determined by Mother Nature, especially early in the summer, which is one of the best times to see plenty of ice, amazing snow-covered peaks, huge colonies of nesting seabirds, as well as seals on ice floes and (most of all) polar bears stalking those seals for a yummy dinner. It is 24 hrs daylight at our disposal throughout the entire itinerary, so all we need to do is to grab a hot coffee at the bar and be out on deck as long as we can stay awake, helping your WANT tour leader and other staff members of the vessel to search for any of these magnificent wildlife.
  Accommodation: on board our expedition vessel
Jun 1 Svalbard
  As that seals and polar bears can show up unannounced at any time throughout our trip, we will always make announcements over the loud speaker, but some of the rare and interesting bird species can sometimes only be seen for a few seconds, so it always pays to be on the observation decks as much as possible! It is our intention to have Zodiac excursions every day, either to approach seals and polar bears on ice floes or to explore some of the amazing landscapes, fjords and glaciers that we cruise by. In *Kongsfjorden (famous for its beauty), we’ll find the scientific settlement Ny Ålesund. Arctic terns nest by the main street and we often see wild reindeer grazing. It was from here that Amundsen and Nobile started their heroic expeditions to the North Pole. North of here, we continue sailing along the shore and observe as much of this famous Arctic wildlife as possible. Our vessel and its crew will provide three delicious meals for us every day, as well as an all-inclusive bar, making sure that we have all the comfort and fun while in search of one of the best wildlife experiences on Earth. *The ice conditions and wildlife movements will ultimately determine our daily activities, stops, and general direction.
  Accommodation: on board our expedition vessel
Jun 2 Svalbard
  Further north along the west coast of Svalbard, we will come across more and more spectacular fjords. Liefdefjorden, Krossfjorden and Raudfjorden are areas of immense natural beauty, dominated by beautifully sculptured glaciers. Many common eiders and pink-footed geese nest in the area, and if lucky, we see the rare king eider. Our chances for polar bears and uncommon seal species increase as we sail north and encounter heavier ice, so as always, we will spend as much time as possible on the decks and keep an eye on what is happening around us. All Zodiac excursions and landings will depend on the ice conditions, but we are planning on some amazing activities during the day. Time allowing, we will also enjoy wildlife presentations and gather each night for a recaps and briefing in the bar area.
  Accommodation: on board our expedition vessel
Jun 3 Svalbard
  Based upon the weather and ice charts of the previous decades, at some point today we shall encounter heavy pack ice along the northwestern corner of Svalbard. Polar bear sightings are more likely than ever before, yet our forward progress will be determined by how heavy the ice is. If all goes well, we will visit Alkefjellet today - a sheer, basaltic cliff, home for some 200.000 Brunnich`s Guillemots. In addition, the ice conditions we encounter today will also determine whether we continue along the north coast and circumnavigate West Svalbard during our voyage, or return to Longyearbyen on a completely different route.
  Accommodation: on board our expedition vessel
Jun 4 Svalbard
  Our amazing expedition to this world-famous Arctic wildlife destination continues today. Between the delicious meals and the open bar on board, we will continue spending most of our time with wildlife observations or with Zodiac excursions, as well as participating in a variety of educational presentations and other entertainment.
  Accommodation: on board our expedition vessel
Jun 5 Svalbard
  Another amazing and exciting expedition day - all activities to be dictated by the weather and ice conditions, as well as our willingness to push the limits and experience as much as possible, taking advantage of the continuous and unlimited daylight.
  Accommodation: on board our expedition vessel
Jun 6 Svalbard
  Today is our last full day on board our unique and lovely expedition vessel. As that we are participating in a true expedition, due to ice conditions and wildlife movements, we may find ourselves on west coast, on the east coast or somewhere completely unexpected, adding to the beauty and the excitement of the experience! At the very minimum, one thing is sure: we continue to do our very best throughout the day to find and observe more animals, and to carry out as many interesting landings and Zodiac excursions as we possibly can. Tonight, a wonderful Farewell Dinner will take place in our dining room, followed by final recap with your WANT Expeditions tour leader. But the trip is not over yet, we must not forget that polar bears can be seen anywhere at any time in Svalbard, so while we are packing our luggage, we will not stop looking outside in search of wildlife.
  Accommodation: on board our expedition vessel
Jun 7 Svalbard/Oslo/departure
  This morning, after a last hearty breakfast on our beloved vessel, we disembark and participate in a tour of Longyearbyen - the unofficial capital of Svalbard. For lunch, we will all gather in a local restaurant and will have the chance of trying some rather unusual food, to enhance our culinary experiences on this voyage. At about 2 in the afternoon, we will check in at the airport and say goodbye to this fantastic Arctic wonderland. At 9 pm, we are planning to land at Oslo, which will mark the last official moments of our voyage. For those of us who have arranged a late evening departure flight, we will continue our journey, otherwise we will all be free to stay overnight in Oslo or book any other activities we may choose. We hope you enjoyed your unique experience near the North Pole with us, have a safe flight home!
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Trip price: in double room: USD 8,950
  in single room:  

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Trip price: in double room: USD 8,950
  in single room:  
Price includes:
· all accomodation
· all meals
· all activities mentioned in the program
· all land transportation
· all airport and local transfers
· all national park fees
· international tour leader
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· on board entertainment and education
· photography education and assistance
· alcoholic beverages

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