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An Indiana Jones style expedition
Hidden gems in the African jungles
Central Africa Wildlife Expedition
lowland gorillas, forest elephants, pygmy tribes and lots of great surprises
Oct 27 - Nov 08
Natural history documentaries often feature an opening somewhere in the African jungles, frequented by an enormous amount of forest inhabitants. Due to their forest diet, they are all starving for minerals, and the best way for them to get what they want is to simply eat and drink the mineral-rich muddy waters of these forest openings. There are hundreds of species, but they all come for the same reason. Swarming butterflies form a brown carpet over the scene, huge groups of forest elephants come from any and all directions, red river hogs wade in the muddiest spots, rare sitatungas and bongo antelopes mind their steps behind the scarce cover, unique species of monkeys and birds come by, and if we were lucky, the king of these jungles, the majestic forest gorilla silverback will bring his entire family to the feast.
If you ever thought that one day you would visit such a remote and incredible natural beauty, your chance has come! WANT Expeditions just pioneered the very best and most comfortable way to do so, and spiced it with exciting trekking of gorilla families in the surrounding forests, with a visit to the elusive Ba’aka pygmy tribe and with real Indiana Jones-style boat trips down the majestic Sangha River. Don’t wait, join us, this trip is a rare beauty and fills up very fast! See you in the African jungles!
Detailed itinerary:
Oct 27 Brazzaville arrival
  Our entire day is dedicated to the international arrivals at Brazzaville, capital city of Congo. Upon landing, we will be greeted at the airport and transferred to our comfortable accommodation. In the afternoon, we'll get out to explore Brazzaville, and learn about its past colonial roots, as well as visit the waterfront to see the mighty Congo rapids! Then around 7 pm we shall gather for a Welcome Orientation and a great Welcome Dinner.
  Accommodation: Comfortable 3 star hotel located in Brazzaville
Oct 28 Brazzaville/Ouesso/Bomassa
  An early breakfast before setting off to the airport for your flight northwards to Ouesso. If all goes well, we hope to arrive towards midday, just in time for lunch, before departing by boat on the Sangha River to Bomassa. Once we arrive to Bomassa, we check in at the headquarters of Wildlife Conservation Society - an international NGO working in the region to preserve wildlife and to educate people. Depending on wildlife movements in the area, we will set our exact program for the upcoming days, after we have had a chance to speak with the staff. We will sleep overnight in their guest house and enjoy a nice camp dinner.
  Accommodation: WCS Guest House at the Park Headquarters in Bomassa
Oct 29 Nouabale Ndoki NP
  This morning, depending on the number of people visiting Nouabale Ndoki NP. WCS runs two research and ecotourism camps within Nouabale-Ndoki National Park. One is called Mbeli Bai and the other is called Mondika. The main attraction at both camps is gorillas, but the two camps provide very different experiences. While at Mondika we can trek a habituated gorilla family in the forest and stay with them for an hour, in Mbeli Bai we can sit on the platforms and watch the gorillas as they visit the opening and quietly forage on their favorite food. Regardless of which camp we are headed to, its a 4-5 hour adventure with hikes, boat rides and bumpy roads to reach our destinations. Once we arrive, we'll take our rooms, then gather for lunch. After lunch, we head out to our respective wildlife viewing platforms for an exciting afternoon and our first chance to see gorillas! We return back to the camps not long before dinner, then take a shower to cool down and then gather for a basic, but filling camp meal, and discuss our wildlife encounters.
  Accommodation: WCS camps at Mbeli Bai and Mondika
Oct 30 Nouabale Ndoki NP
  Regardless of our location, Mbeli Bai or Mondika, when we are not trekking in search of Gorillas, guaranteed we will maximize our time visiting other parts of the forest on foot in search of elephants, Sitatunga, buffalo, red river hogs, otters, crocodiles, birds and more! The next three of days will run in a similar manner to yesterday, but at some point changing locations for the two groups, so that everyone has a chance to see the amazing wildlife in each area.
  Accommodation: WCS camps at Mbeli Bai and Mondika
Oct 31 Nouabale Ndoki NP
  Accommodation: WCS camps at Mbeli Bai and Mondika
Nov 1 Nouabale Ndoki NP
  Accommodation: WCS camps at Mbeli Bai and Mondika
Nov 2 Bomassa – Lidjombo - Bayanga-Dzanga-Sangha NP
  This morning we have a rather long day of traveling ahead of us, after breakfast, we leave both camps at the and meet at the WCS headquarters in Bomassa. Here we take a quick lunch then get on our dugout boat and travel upriver for several hours, to the fantastic national park of Dzanga-Sangha in the Central Africa Republic. Our progress upriver will be slow, providing us with great opportunities to soak in the adventurer. After a short stop at the border post, we enter the Central African Republic and soon after arrive at our lodge on the riverbank, in the heart of the Dzanga-Sangha National Park. The National Park is inhabited by the Ba’Aka pygmies, who helped to put in place an incredible tourism program, and is also home to a fascinating list of animals that can be viewed from platforms built above the most interesting mineral clearings called “bai”s or salines. These animals include the forest elephants, lowland gorillas (also to be tracked on foot), buffalos, sitatungas, bongos, red river hogs, numerous monkeys, galagoes, leopards and an astonishing number of birds and other species. Our lodge, with a romantic bar and restaurant, is a place where you could easily imagine someone walking up and saying "Dr. Livingstone I presume" to a guest sitting there. At around 7:30, dinner will be served and we retire early to have enough energy for more amazing wildlife experiences!
  Accommodation: Forest Lodge/Camp
Nov 3 Dzanga-Sangha NP
  Today, once again, depending on our group size, we may split our team into two smaller groups. After an early breakfast, one group will depart to the forest with the Ba’Aka pygmies to witness their incredible manner of hunting with nets. Its an unforgettable experience, and unbelievable how fast they can move through the tangled jungle! This group will return to the lodge for lunch and will have the opportunity of visiting Dzanga Bai again for the afternoon. The other half of our team will go to a different place, to Bai Hokou. After an hour and a half drive and an hour walk, we reach a gorilla research camp. Here we have another chance of seeing a family of western lowland gorillas in their wild environment. A marvelous, breathtaking encounter of man and wildlife! These gorillas are completely wild, but during the extensive research programs in the past, they became accustomed to human beings moving and working around them. The researchers now allow a small group of visitors (6 people) every day to go and observe the gorillas for an hour, from a very close distance. In order to be able to enjoy the forest and its wildlife for the entire day, this group will take packed lunch with them. Apart from watching wildlife, there will be amazing scenery and local guides with us to teach us about the traditional plants, ways of hunting and a lot more. Both groups will return to the lodge late in the afternoon, and time allowing, we'll have a great shower and a few sun-downers before dinner.
  Accommodation: Forest Lodge/Camp
Nov 4 Dzanga-Sangha NP
  Tomorrow runs like yesterday, but in reverse.
  Accommodation: Forest Lodge/Camp
Nov 5 Dzanga-Sangha NP
  Today is our last day in this magical place. Again, like in NNNP, to maximize our time, if we don't choose to go on an additional excursion to see the gorillas, we'll spend the day exploring the surrounding forests in search of wildlife, or simply relaxing alongside the beautiful river to gear up for our long day of travel tomorrow.
  Accommodation: Forest Lodge/Camp
Nov 6 Dzanga-Sangha NP/Yokadouma*
  This morning we have a rather long day of traveling ahead of us, so we leave Sangha Lodge at the daybreak and cruise downriver for about 3 hours, to the Cameroon border post of Libongo. Here we will meet our 4x4 jeeps again, and drive several more hours to our hotel in Yokadouma. All the amazing experiences that are behind us, will set a fantastic atmosphere for dinner tonight. *If the roads are good, we will push on to Bertoua or possibly Yaounde from Yokadouma and take advantage of all there is to see in Yaounde.
  Accommodation: City Hotel
Nov 7 Yokadouma/Yaoundé
  Today we will have to depart at the first light, in order to reach the Cameroon capital before it gets dark. Tonight is very special, since we have just completed an amazing voyage into one of the least visited corners of the world and we will have to celebrate this success with a final recap and a delicious traditional Farewell Dinner.
  Accommodation: City Hotel
Nov 8 Yaoundé/international departures
  Those of us who participate in our lovely extension of the Mt. Cameroon Climb, will depart early in the morning, in order to reach the Atlantic Ocean by mid-afternoon. Others will be transferred to their international flights, whichever airlines they have chosen. Time allowing, its worthwhile to enjoy a city tour and explore the handicrafts market, Mont Febe, Mvog-Betsi zoo and Mfou national park, and primate rescue center. At the Yaoundé Airport, our magic Central African Safari has come to its end, have a safe flight home!
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Trip price: in double room: EUR 6,450
  in single room: EUR 6,700

Trip images:

Tour leader: Jessica POCIASK
Trip price: in double room: EUR 6,450
  in single room: EUR 6,700
Price includes:
· all accomodation
· all meals
· all activities mentioned in the program
· all land transportation
· Water in transport vehicles
· all airport and local transfers
· all national park fees
· all entrance fees
· all local guiding fees
· international tour leader
· all government taxes and levies
· all boat excursions
· photography education and assistance
· Two gorilla trekking permits

Price excludes:
· international flights
· travel insurance
· personal expenses at accommodation
· departure taxes at airports
· visa fees
· any other items not mentioned above