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Komodo Islands - the hidden gem of Indonesia
Visit the lair of the Dragon and explore incredible oceans
Komodo Dragon Extension
komodo dragons, pristine beaches, mountains, and possibly the best diving and snorkeling on earth!
Oct 06 - Oct 11
The islands of the Komodo Dragon are part of the complex of 175 islands, 200 nautical miles east of Bali, between the islands of Flores and Sumbawa. Both above and below the sea, Komodo represents a unique range of geological and biological diversity. On shore it is an amazing museum diorama of the Mesozoic era dry tundra and reptilian supremacy. Komodo's symbol of international fame is its dragons, the world's largest living lizard!

The surrounding sea is filled with vibrant colour and exotic life that will enchant divers and snorkelers alike. There are endless schools of fish that ride the waterways rushing up from deep sea vents, below them the seabed is covered with a thick carpet of florescent corals and marine invertebrates. This is truly an underwater paradise.
To meet the three meter long, 70 kg (155 lbs) reptile giants and to explore their pristine and breathtaking habitat is a serious spoil for all nature lovers.
Detailed itinerary:
Oct 6 Arrival/Kota Kinabalu/Denpasar
  For those of you who are joining the amazing Komodo Dragon Expedition as an extension of our Borneo and Brunei tour, we will start our tour in Kota Kinabalu, Borneo, and fly together to Denpasar, arriving in the early evening. If you are a fresh addition to our group, you need to make your own travel arrangements to meet us in Denpasar before 5pm. Regardless of how you get there, we will all be greeted at the airport by a representative of our luxurious beach hotel and will be taken to our accomodation. Once we get ourselves settled, we will all gather at the hotel‘s restaurant for a fantastic Indonesian dinner.
  Accommodation: Beach resort
Oct 7 Denpasar/Pink Beach
  Today we will be making our way to Labuan Bajo, a small town on the island of Flores just east of Komodo. Our flight will not leave until mid-morning, so we have a little bit of free time to further explore Denpasar and the immediate surroundings of our hotel. The keen photographers can be up for the sunrise, while everyone else can sleep bit longer until we all meet for breakfast in our hotel. Upon arrival at Labuan Bajo, we jump on yet another vehicle and drive to the town’s jetty where our personal yacht will be waiting for us. While we are settling in our small, but clean and air-conditioned cabins and waiting for lunch to be served, we slowly sail out from the harbor and head towards the main island of Komodo. We will arrive in a breathtaking little bay and anchor at Pink Beach by mid-afternoon. We will spend the rest of the afternoon here, swimming, snorkeling, exploring, relaxing, sunbathing and with whatever activities we desire. This is one of the best places in the world for diving and provides some spectacular experiences. Snorkelers and divers alike have the hope of finding amazing animals such as carpet shards, mantas rays, flying lizards, and many more. Dinner will be served on board. Following dinner, with our strong dive lights, night snorkeling will be a possibility before retiring to our cabins for the night.
  Accommodation: Liveaboard yacht
Oct 8 Komodo Island/Rinca Island
  This morning is dedicated to our first attempt of finding and photographing the largest lizards in the world. We will have a very early breakfast on board, while our boat sails to our morning’s destination. We will be meeting national park rangers who will be escorting our hike along with providing great information on the environment around us. Since these islands are fairly bare and extremely hot, we will start our hike very early to keep ourselves comfortable as we explore. Once the rangers provide an orientation on these giant predators, we take off on a hike through the most beautiful, green forest trails on the island. In addition to hoping for dragon sightings, we will keep our eyes open for other wildlife, such as birds, buffaloes, wild boar, macaques and deer. Once the sun climbs too high on the horizon and things get hot and quiet, we return for a sail to yet another beautiful, secluded location for lunch and afternoon fun. After lunch we sail to Rinca Island, a gorgeous snorkeling and diving spot, where we will wile away the rest of our afternoon with water activities and short trips to the beach. Dinner will be served on board and night snorkeling is an option once again before it's time for bed.
  Accommodation: Liveaboard yacht
Oct 9 Rinca Island
  This morning will be used for another photographic attempt for that perfect Dragon profile on Rinca Island. The morning's activities will be very similar to that of yesterday’s- we will meet with park rangers, and go for a hike on the island. Depending on what wildlife we were lucky enough to see yesterday, our route will be chosen to give us the highest likelihood of finding new species.

Once the heat pushes us back onto our boat, we will sail to the tiny and beautiful island of Kelor. Here we drop anchor for a great lunch and to explore the water world ether via snorkling or diving, followed a short siesta. Once the sun goes a bit further down on the horizon, we will lift anchor and sail to the proximity of a small mangrove island where we will see thousands of flying foxes take flight. Our anchorage point for the evening provides us with perfect views as these giant bats, the largest in the world, take off at dusk and fly into the pink sunset skies on their way to nearby forest to forage on fruits, palm dates, flowers, and nectar. This aptly named suborder of bats, the megabats, do not possess echolocation, which is what allows the microbats to catch prey in mid-air.

Once these flying foxes have disappeared into the distance, we will be ready and eager for dinner aboard our yacht and, if possible, some more night snorkeling.
  Accommodation: Liveaboard yacht
Oct 10 Rinca Island/Labuan Bajo
  Hopefully we have been able to get an ample number of Komodo Dragon pictures, but if not, this morning is our last chance. After breakfast, we will trek with the park rangers through Rinca Island on breathtaking trails in search for the Dragons and other wildlife. Once back on the boat, we sail to the Warloka primitive village for lunch and exploration. These ancient village ruins provide an interesting look into the past with stone post dolmens and ancient ceramics. From here we sail to Bidadari Island, where we anchor for the rest of the afternoon and enjoy our last chance of great snorkeling, diving, and the brilliant Indonesian sunshine. Once we lift anchor, we sail back to Labuan Bajo where we will drive to our hotel for a great Indonesian dinner and local entertainment.
  Accommodation: Quaint locally owned hotel
Oct 11 Departure day
  Today is our day to say goodbye and go in our different directions. Once we have one last breakfast together, we will head for our respective homes according to each person's itinerary, most likely through Denpesar. Thank you for joining us and have a safe trip home!
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Trip price: in double room: USD 2,899
  in single room: USD 2,899

Trip images:

Trip price: in double room: USD 2,899
  in single room: USD 2,899
Price includes:
· all accomodation
· all meals
· all activities mentioned in the program
· all land transportation
· Water in transport vehicles
· all airport and local transfers
· all national park fees
· all local guiding fees
· international tour leader
· all government taxes and levies
· snorkeling equipment
· all domestic flights
· all boat excursions

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