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Namibia - one of the most beautiful countires in Africa
The greatest landscape adventure of Southern Africa
Namibia Culture & Nature Safari
Kalahari bushmen, Etosha NP, Himba people, Swakopmund, seals, dolphins and giant sand dunes
Jun 19 - Jul 02
Join one of the best wildlife artists in North America, Sharon Schafer, for an unforgettable photo safari through one of the most photogenic countries in Africa... Namibia! Imagine traveling via hot air ballon over giant red sand dunes, driving over granite rock formations, walking along breathtaking beaches, and exploring vast expanses of the Kalahari bushland. Along the way, you'll see stunning, iconic African wildlife, and beautiful, welcoming local peoples. Namibia guarantees an unforgettable trip for any professional or aspiring photographer and artist.
Detailed itinerary:
Jun 19 Arrive to Windhoek
  Our very special African voyage to Namibia commences today with our international arrivals at Windhoek airport. Whichever flight you choose to take, we will be greeted upon arrival and transferred to our modern, downtown city hotel. The official program begins tonight at 7 PM by our Welcome Orientation and Welcome Dinner, so in case you arrive a few hours beforehand, there’s a chance for a nice walking tour in the downtown area of Namibia’s capital. After the first dinner on African grounds, we better retire early, since we will cover thousands of kilometers in the coming weeks and will need our best energies to properly enjoy this fascinating country.
  Accommodation: Comfortable, 4-star city hotel
Jun 20 Windhoek/Waterberg Plateau National Park
  The first break of daylight will find us around the breakfast table, then we climb into our cars heading northbound, with a short city tour enroute, to Waterberg Plateau National Park – our first nature stop and great introduction to African wildlife on this itinerary. The plateau, with its 800 million years old rock formations and thick dry forest cover, sticks out of the surrounding Acacia savannah, and provides safe breeding grounds for dozens of rare antelope and other mammal species, as well as over 200 varieties of birds. We will return to our accommodation with the setting sun, and prepare for a much-deserved dinner under the vast, open, star-filled African sky.
  Accommodation: Luxury safari lodge
Jun 21 Waterberg Plateau NP/Kalahari Desert
  As expected on all WANT Expeditions itineraries, the rising sun will find us in the bush again, on our open safari trucks, in search of the rare Roan and Sable Antelopes, as well as buffalo and rhinos and many other species of the African fauna. A full, cooked breakfast will attract us back to the lodge after a couple of hours, but we will hit the road again as soon as our dietary needs are provided for. We are heading to one of the most remote corners of Namibia today, a vast bush land, home to the San people, to where very few dedicated travelers ever venture. After a quick stop to admire the world’s largest know meteorite at Hoba, we enjoy lunch in Grootfontein, and make our way north to our lodge for the next two nights. Our camp is situated on a game farm and is the perfect base from which to explore and spend time with the Bushman/San people. We plan to reach our lodge just before the sun sets, so that we can enjoy the evening with a drink in our hands under the tall thatched roof of the restaurant area, followed by dinner and an early bed time. As expected on all WANT Expeditions itineraries, the rising sun will find us in the bush. Waterberg has some excellent game viewing hides, which we will make the most of, but taking breakfast with us, and enjoying while we search for rare wildlife, such as Roan and Sable Antelopes, as well as rhinos, and many other species of the African fauna. After our morning's safari, we'll get back on the road, and continue in a northerly direction to one of the most remote corners of Namibia -a vast bush land, home to the San people, to where very few dedicated travelers ever venture. We enjoy lunch at a lodge close to Grootfontein, and then travel along a wide, comfortable gravel road directly east. This road will take us almost all the way to the Botswana border, into the heartland of the endless Kalahari dry bush, where several San Bushmen villages exist in their traditional forms and lifestyles. We plan to reach our lodge just before the sun sets, so that we can enjoy the evening with a drink in our hands under the tall thatched roof of the restaurant area, followed by dinner and an early bed time.
  Accommodation: Comfortable country lodge
Jun 22 Kalahari Desert
  We spend the day with one of the most exciting groups in Namibia, the Ju'hoansi Bushmen. The Bushmen are hunters and gathers and after a traditional welcoming ceremony, we set off with the village hunters deep into the bush to observe their traditional ways of life. This will be an excellent opportunity to photograph them in their most natural and authentic settings, a scene sought after by all photographers. If the villagers have a good harvest, we are guaranteed a celebration tonight, which means more opportunities to interact with these kind people in a non-organized singing and dancing event, and a delicious barbeque dinner.
  Accommodation: Comfortable country lodge
Jun 23 Kalahari Desert /Etosha National Park
  After breakfast this morning we will be in the vehicle as we make our way to Etosha National Park, one of the best and most famous National Parks in Africa. Our first night is at a beautiful lodge from where we will explore the game rich eastern section of the park. After lunch, we'll enter the park for a full afternoon game drive. One of the most unique phenomena we will encounter this afternoon is Etosha Pan – a huge, 130km long and 50 km wide ‘nothing’. This is the dry, flat, endless bottom of the occasionally flooded Etosha Pan, a ‘must see’ for all adventurers. Naturally, the park consists of many more habitats as well, most of which are lush and very much habitable for wildlife, making Etosha one of the best safari destinations in Africa. Namibia is full of some of the most beautiful landscapes on Earth, and the Etosha Pan is no exception. Prepare yourself for one of the most vast and open landscapes you can imagine, and an effect that will make your photos look as though you were shooting in the world's largest studio with lions, elephants, and graceful antelope as your models.
  Accommodation: Comfortable safari lodge
Jun 24 Etosha National Park
  Make sure you remember to download your memory cards, because today our entire day is dedicated for wildlife viewing in Etosha National Park with a morning and afternoon game drive in open safari vehicles with a break for lunch at the lodge in between. Etosha is home to the tallest elephants in the world and we hope to find a few herds at the waterholes. Besides the elephants Etosha often produces great sightings of lion, leopard, cheetah, giraffe, spotted hyena, zebra, gemsbok, blue wildebeest and it is the best place in the world to see black rhino.
  Accommodation: Comfortable safari lodge
Jun 25 Etosha National Park
  Etosha National Park is massive, and easily worth another day's full visit. The rising sun will find us on the remote game drive routes across the park, and once again along Etosha Pan, in search of the world’s largest (tallest) elephants and many other unique animals, along with endemic and rare bird species. We will stop for lunch en route and we should be at our lodge by mid to late afternoon. One of the great features of Okaukeujo is the flood-lit waterhole at the lodge which gives us the chance to enjoy game viewing long after the sun has set.
  Accommodation: Comfortable safari lodge
Jun 26 Etosha NP/Kaokoland
  Today we are heading to the exciting northern tribal territories of Namibia and have a long road trip ahead of us, so we check out of our lodge very early and drive out of the park within a couple of hours. Naturally, we will stop for great wildlife sightings, but over all, we will leave the park behind relatively early and make our way to a small town in the north. We are in the heartland of Kaokoland, known for its exciting Himba tribal villages and traditions, as well as the unique ‘desert elephants’ and other species that can’t be found elsewhere in Namibia. We plan on arriving in time for lunch and the afternoon is dedicated to the amazing Himba people – the last truly nomadic tribe in Namibia. We will be back at the lodge situated on top of a hill overlooking Kaokoland to enjoy a beautiful sunset and a well deserved dinner.
  Accommodation: Comfortable safari lodge
Jun 27 Kaokoland/Damaraland
  After breakfast this morning, we head directly south, through dry riverbeds and rocky plains, until we reach the edge of Damaraland, where the landscape suddenly changes into one of the most spectacular and dramatic in Namibia. Damaraland boasts magnificent desert scenery, fascinating geological formations, archaeological sites and a unique variety of desert fauna and flora. It is also the southernmost roaming ground for the rare black rhino and the ‘desert adapted elephant’, which we will keep searching for all along. After a picnic lunch en route, we will stop to admire the 260 million years old logs of the Petrified Forest, as well as a beautiful, impressive specimen of Welwitschia mirabilis, the longest-lived plant on Earth. Before we check into our lodge this evening, we visit the geological formations of the ‘Burnt Mountain’ and the ‘Organ Pipes’, which are particularly stunning in the late afternoon golden light. After sunset, we quickly occupy our rooms and gather for a great dinner.
  Accommodation: Luxury safari-style lodge
Jun 28 Damaraland/Skeleton Coast
  After breakfast, we start the morning with a visit to Twyfelfontein world heritage site, where bushman communities engraved and painted over 2500 pictures some 6000 years ago. This will be followed by a very interesting visit to a Damara village, before we reach the abandoned mining town of Uis. We will take a short break here to photograph the buildings and learn about the history of mining in Namibia, before continuing towards the Atlantic Coast. This route crosses the desolate ‘gravel plains’ of the Namib Desert before arriving at the ‘Skeleton Coast’. After a nice lunch break on the roadside, we reach the ocean and turn northbound, in order to visit Cape Cross and its world famous Cape Fur Seal colony. We will take our time to adequately explore, enjoy and photograph the 80.000 inhabitants of the colony, before we continue south along the coast and make our way to Swakopmund – the first place with a real town feeling, since we have left Windhoek ten days ago! After a quick check-in at our city hotel, we use the remaining hour or two of the daylight, to explore this charming coastal city, booming in the middle of hostile desert environment. We will all be back at our hotel after sunset, for a nice dinner and a great night’s rest.
  Accommodation: Beautiful city hotel
Jun 29 Living Desert Adventure/Sossusvlei
  After a relaxing breakfast we will depart for a living desert adventure in the Namib Desert where we will learn more about the fauna and flora that have adapted to survive in this harsh but beautiful environment. Amongst other creatures we will attempt to photograph include, Side-winders and Horned Adders, scorpions, Namaqua Chameleons, Reticulated Lizards, legless skink and Palmato Gecko. After a quick stop for lunch we will be in the vehicle and make our way south, via the Namib Naukluft Park as well as through the Kuiseb and Gaub Canyons. We will reach our accommodation as the sun is disappearing behind the horizon, painting the surrounding sand dunes flaming red. A nice dinner and an early bed time will endure that we have enough energies for the early start tomorrow.
  Accommodation: Sossusvlei Lodge
Jun 30 Sossusvlei
  Once again, we will rise before the sun does today, and will be in the vicinity of the world’s highest, bright-red sand dunes when the first rays appear over the horizon. This is a truly magical time of the day here, as the giant, dark shapes suddenly dress in color and the mosaic of shades and sunlight creates incredible photo opportunities. From our accommodation, we drive in the ancient bed of the extinct Tsauchab River, stopping at every great location, climbing a few dunes and slowly making our way to the world famous Dead Vlei, where red dunes provide a breathtaking backdrop to centuries old, dry trees standing in the desert. It will take all morning to explore this true wonderland, so we will only be back at our accommodation after noon. A nice lunch and a siesta will ensure that we are ready for further exploration in the evening, though. At this time, for one last excursion, we visit the 18 million years old and 30 meters deep Sesriem Canyon, carved out by the Tsauchab River while it was still flowing. Just before sunset, we get back to our lodge and prepare for a Farewell Cocktail and Dinner, for which ancient, red sand dunes provide the perfect backdrop. A fantastic way to say good-bye to Namibia, one of the most scenic countries on Earth.
  Accommodation: Sossusvlei Lodge
Jul 1 Sossusvlei/Windhoek
  For one last time, we get up early today for what will be one of the highlights of your Namibian adventure – a hot air balloon ride over the dunes as the sun is rising. Once we are back on the ground we will enjoy a champagne breakfast in the park before getting back into the vehicles as we will make our way to Windhoek. We plan to arrive in Windhoek by late afternoon and unless you have an evening flight home we will spend one night in a Hotel located in the centre of the city. This will be the perfect opportunity for some last minute curio shopping.
  Accommodation: Comfortable city hotel
Jul 2 Windhoek/Departure
  After a relaxing breakfast you will be transferred to Windhoek International Airport for the first leg of your journey back home. This is the official end of our voyage, thank you for joining us and have a safe flight home, or a safe onward journey if you are continuing with us to Botswana.
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Trip price: in double room: USD 7,730
  in single room: USD 8,199

Trip images:
Morning airCopyright © WantExpeditions
Zebras at waterhole in EtoshaCopyright © WantExpeditions
A gentle nuzzleCopyright © WantExpeditions
Male Oryx compete in EtoshaCopyright © WantExpeditions
The beautiful red sand dunes of SossusvleiCopyright © WantExpeditions
The magestic massive white elephants of EtoshaCopyright © WantExpeditions
Honey badgerCopyright © WantExpeditions
Bonnie Forman-Franco PhotographerCopyright © WantExpeditions
Shanon Schafer Professional Photographer and GuideCopyright © WantExpeditions
Etosha WaterholeCopyright © WantExpeditions
Hot air balloon over SossusvleiCopyright © WantExpeditions
Dead vlei at SossusvleiCopyright © WantExpeditions
SossusvleiCopyright © WantExpeditions
Hot air balloon ride over SossusvleiCopyright © WantExpeditions
Always happy the San BushmenCopyright © WantExpeditions
San Bushman woman smoking tobacco from traditional pipeCopyright © WantExpeditions
The Skeleton CoastCopyright © WantExpeditions
The largest fur seal colony in the worldCopyright © WantExpeditions
The largest fur seal colony in the worldCopyright © WantExpeditions
Himba babyCopyright © WantExpeditions
Himba danceCopyright © WantExpeditions
HimbaCopyright © WantExpeditions
HimbaCopyright © WantExpeditions

Trip price: in double room: USD 7,730
  in single room: USD 8,199
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