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Genuine Travel Experiences
WANT Expeditions takes you off the beaten path on carefully crafted itineraries that are unique and thoughtfully planned. We never stop seeking out new destinations and experiences. We also use only local and family owned business partners, and encourage letting go of western ideals in order to experience true cultural immersion through participation in authentic ceremonies, adhering to local dress customs, sampling traditional cuisine and more. And when it comes to wildlife, we are an absolute industry leader in searching out new breathtaking wildlife phenomena and taking you there on a safe, enjoyable and fruitful voyage.

Greatest Value for Your Travel Investment
Our expeditions are designed to ensure that you get the maximum experience out of every dollar you spend. Our operation ideology is similar to many non-profit organizations, because almost all the money you invest into your trip with WANT Expeditions goes directly to hotels, park fees, transportation, guides and more. Still looking for additional reasons to travel with us? Please onsider the additional nine reasons below!

Our Expedition Leaders are amongst the most experienced on Earth. Most have lived and conducted environmental or cultural projects in, or related to, their country of expertise, so they understand the environmental conditions and cultural nuances of traveling through these regions. In addition to this, our guides have many technical certifications and skills essential to expedition travel including, but not limited to Wilderness First Responder, advanced dive certifications, zodiac driving, rock- climbing, and off-road 4x4 driving. These things, combined with a great sense of humor, make them some of the best travel companions an adventurer could want.

Private, Exclusive Itineraries
The maximum group size on our expeditions is between 12-16 guests depending on the trip, and our emphasis on internationally diverse travel groups makes you feel that you have a private guided experience while paying extremely competitive large-group tour prices. In addition to this, we attempt to accommodate our guests in the most comfortable accommodation, transportation and restaurants as possible without sacrificing creature comforts or genuine experiences.

Education and Enrichment
In addition to some of the best travel opportunities in the world, on every trip we offer educational seminars from the world's foremost authorities on botany, ornithology, biology, history, and more!

Build Your Photographic Portfolio
For both amateur and professional photographers, we realize that a jaw-dropping photograph is worth more than any souvenir you can buy, and for that reason, those wishing to preserve their experiences and increase their knowledge of photography, small lectures, demonstrations, and tips from award winning photographer guides are featured on every expedition. In addition to this, our itineraries are designed to allow us to be at the most scenic sites and near wildlife at the times that are most advantageous for photos.

Every day we wake up and want to make the world a better place, so whether this is by working to ensure that you as a guest have the best trip of your life, or a community half-way around the world benefits from our efforts, we at WANT Expeditions are relentless in our Pursuit of Excellence. No matter if you are a guest, or a community member, we listen closely to your needs and how we can improve our services. This ethic, combined with retaining wonderful talented people, in-conjunction with itineraries like no other tour company provides, and a commitment to conservation, ensures that our guests retain the feeling that they belong to an elite, personalized travel club. In addition to all of this, to thank you for traveling with us, we have created a program that rewards your patronage after just one trip with discounts on future travel.

Active Conservation Measures
At WANT Expeditions, all of our staff believe whole-heartedly that it is our social responsibility to work hand in hand to empower the communities we visit, and to ensure that they benefit as much, if not more, from our visits as we do. Environmental conservation, responsible tourism and cultural sustainability is at the core of all of our expeditions, and for this reason, over the years we continue to generate projects, such as eliminating plastic water bottle usage, and to partner with several organizations, such as the Utopia Foundation, in order to improve the lives of those with whom we interact while generating more authentic travel experiences than you could experience elsewhere. And, as a guest of WANT Expeditions, you play an active, direct role in improving the lives of those around you.

Peace of mind
Many of our itineraries take place in destinations that have little or no tourist infrastructure, regardless we know that one of the keys to a successful travel experience lies ensuring that you, as a valued guest, should not worry about where you will find a meal or a place to lay your head. For this reason, our itineraries include all meals, accommodation, domestic transportation (including air, with few exceptions), entrance fees, drinking water and tips for guides and drivers. And, any exceptions to this rule are clearly noted.

Single Travelers
It is our policy to go out of our way to make sure single travelers do not feel the pressure of paying a single supplement. If you're willing to share a room, we will go out of our way to help you find a roommate, so you can avoid paying single supplement fees. We don't penalize single travelers - we welcome you and will help to coordinate roommates.